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AP 113 Snack

Machine Information

Considered by most vendors as the best snack vending machine ever built, the Automatic Products 113 is perfect for handling the volume and physical demands of medium to large size locations.

Features Including:

  • 40 Total Product Selections With 6 Product Shelves.
  • 20 Chip / Pastry Selections.
  • 20 Candy / Cracker Selections.
  • 5 Selections of Gum and Mint.
  • Capacity: 610 Items.
  • Dimensions: 72″H x 39″W x 35″D
  • Weight: 690lbs. Approx.
  • Rebuilt MEI Dollar Bill Acceptor.
  • Rebuilt MEI Coin Acceptor.
  • Price Labels
  • Digital Display
  • Multi Price Capable
  • Led Lights

Unique & Customizable Vending Options

At N&N Vending, we value quality and efficiency in everything that we do and we strive to provide each one of our customers a memorable & valuable vending experience.

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